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August 06, 2021

Practical Doomsday

 Practical Doomsday

Practical Doomsday is an enjoyable, data-packed romp through the world of rational emergency preparedness. It cuts through the noise of 24-hour news to help you zero in on what actually matters: building a diversified rainy-day fund, staying safe online, and dealing with common mishaps ranging from prolonged power outages to wildfires or floods.

The goal of the book is not to convince you that the end is nigh. To the contrary: I want to reclaim the concept of prepping from the bunker-dwelling prophets of doom. Disasters are not rare, but emergency preparedness is not about expecting the worst; it's about being able to enjoy our lives to the fullest without worrying about the apocalyptic headline of the day.

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🙘   Abbreviated table of contents   🙚


PART I: Thinking about risk
Learning from the past, reasoning about the future, and making sense of predictions in an ever-changing world.

1. A method to the madness
2. The specter of humdrum calamities
3. Exploring large-scale risks
4. Oh no, zombies!

PART II: The prepared lifestyle
Practical life skills for staying on top of everyday risks.

5. Mind over matter
6. Building a rainy-day fund
7. Safeguarding your savings
8. Engineering a doomsday-proof career
9. Staying alive
10. Protecting oneself in the digital and physical realm
11. Getting in shape
12. Building a community
13. Hatching a plan

PART III: The essentials
Exploring survival supplies and their uses.

14. The discreet charm of the bulletproof vest
15. Water
16. Nourishment
17. Sanitation, hygiene, and health
18. Fuel and electricity
19. Household and vehicle tools
20. Evacuation gear
21. Protection against pollutants and disease
22. Emergency communications
23. Entertainment and more

PART IV: Active self-defense
Dealing with threats to property, life, and limb.

24. The politics of putting up a fight
25. Standing up for your belongings
26. Fighting for your life
27. Understanding firearms


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