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July 15, 2015

Poland and the United States: all that begins must end

With my previous entry, I wrapped up an impromptu series of articles that chronicled my childhood experiences in Poland and compared the culture I grew up with to the American society that I'm living in today. For the readers who want to be able to navigate the series without scrolling endlessly, I wanted to put together a quick table of contents. Here it goes.

The entry that started it all:

  • "On journeys" - a personal story recounting my travels from Poland to the US.

Oh, the places you won't go:

Poland (and Europe) vs the United States:

And now, back to the regularly scheduled programming...


  1. Bravo! Really enjoyed this series... sad that it's ending. I love seeing how America looks from the outside (I am an American who spent some time outside the country as a kid). I also want to visit Poland someday... now more than ever.

  2. Very well written. I enjoyed reading these.

  3. Really enjoyed reading these. They were very well written.