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April 09, 2012

Well, I'm in a bit of a pickle...

I can't yet publish an interesting bug I hoped to share; I also don't want to rehash my earlier points about vulnerability trade, even as the debate has flared up again, thanks to the unfashionably late attention from Forbes and EFF.

So what I wanted to do instead is, once again, annoy the few remaining readers with my hobbyist work. Specifically, I wanted to showcase three things:

  • Omnibot, an interesting robot with a reconfigurable drivetrain,
  • Cycloidal drive, a mini-project to make an unorthodox type of transmission,
  • Adventures in CNC, my semi-humorous summary of my experiences with home manufacturing.
Sorry about that, and may the fortune be with you from now on!


  1. You're a god damned genious, man.

  2. Hell- Nick beat me to it... I spend hours exploring your site. It's full of wonder! How the hell do you fit it all in?? Just mindblowing.