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October 05, 2010

Off-topic: concise electronics for geeks

I always find it disappointing that so many of my extremely bright peers have only a vague idea about the inner workings of electronic circuits - and therefore, of modern computers. I think that all too often, this is a significant if underappreciated handicap.

The web today is chock-full of hobbyist guides - but most of them resort to gross oversimplification (such as the initially useful, but ultimately misleading hydraulic analogies), or are simply very inaccurate and incomplete. The remaining few websites I know of tend to resort to mundane, academic rigor - complete with differential equations and complex number algebra for transient analysis. These concepts are highly unlikely to be accessible, or even that useful, in hobbyist work.

I'm hoping to bridge this gap with my "Concise electronics for geeks", a reasonably short but anatomically correct primer on the physical phenomena, and practical considerations, in analog and digital circuits.

Feedback welcome!


  1. lcamtuf fuck yeah! great stuff :)

  2. That seems to be just what I needed. I'll take look at this as soon as I'll have some free time. Thanks!