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May 04, 2013

And on a completely unrelated note...

...I think it's hilarious to mix several completely unrelated interests that appeal to very disjoint audiences on a single blog, so here is another article that I have recently written for MAKE: "Resin Casting: Going from CAD to Engineering-Grade Parts".

In my earlier article written for their blog, I expressed an opinion that some of the most pervasive barriers to home manufacturing do not lie with the availability of cutting-edge tools - but rather, with a very limited awareness of the well-established design and manufacturing processes that lead to durable, aesthetic, and functional parts.

The new article sheds some light on one of the best ways to progress from CNC-machined or 3D-printed shapes to components that match or outperform high-end injection-molded prototypes. In the extremely unlikely case that this is of any interest to you - enjoy!

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